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Album "BLESSED" autographed by Fady Maalouf



Exclusively available here. Limited Edition!

!!!Please note: The first lot has already been reserved.
Beacuse of the great demand the number of autographed
albums has meanwhile been augmented.
At the moment we regret to say that we are not yet able
to give you the exact date when these CD`s will be delivered.



Price: € 19,95 plus lump sum for forwarding expences of € 2,00



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Proceeds of BLESSED e.V. (i.G.) will go 100 % to the charity projects we support.



Detailed information:

  • Audio CD
  • Sound carrier: 1
  • Label Columbia, 2008 (Sony BMG)


Song list:

1. Opening night

2. Blessed (Radio Version)

3. Perfect

4. This anchor holds

5. Against the odds

6. Good thing

7. Sway

8. I would die for you

9. Papillon d`amour

10. Show me your love

11. I love to sing with you again

12. Will you still love me tomorrow

13. Love of my life

14. One more try