About us

"A dream dreamt alone, remains just a dream - a dream dreamt with others, becomes reality..."


BLESSED e.V. (i.G.) is an independent registered charity and non-profit making association for humanitarian aid relief projects.


Objectives and purposes:


  • The association solely and directly pursues charitable and benevolent purposes.
  •  Aid relief for people in need, especially in states of emergency such as war, famine and natural disaster or otherwise in distress, irrespective of their religious, political or ideological orientation. 
  • Advancement of the public healthcare, e.g. the setting-up or reconstruction of primary care centres, the provision of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment or vaccines  and so forth. 
  • Advancement of development aid by, for example, establishing public water supplies or the construction and rebuilding of destroyed community buildings and public utilities. 

The association is independent of political parties or governments.


We commit ourselves to the following:


BLESSED is based on the principles of transparency.


  • Information on activities carried out and accountancy audits will be accessible for public inspection. 
  • Data, reports and financial statements will be published at regular intervals. 
  • We aspire to achieve charitable status. A respective application has been made. 
  • Every donation will be registered. As soon as our charitable status has been recognized, annual donation receipts will be issued, which can be claimed against taxes. 
  • With the acquired charitable status we will be subject to the strict control of the finance authorities.

This is where we would like to help:


BLESSED would like to care for people in need all over the world. Due to the cooperation with locally-based individuals and charitable organisations and the commitment of voluntary workers it is possible to accomplish a multitude of projects, whether it be a short-term mission or long-term tasks – decisive for success is planning with foresight, a professional execution and in situ monitoring.


This is how you can help:


Please support the relief projects of BLESSED on a regular basis with


  • your membership
  • your donation
  • your voluntary activities


This is how we help:


As an aid organisation BLESSED feels committed to help, wherever help is needed and whenever it can be provided.


By means of well-targeted and committed donations we try to secure the livelihood and the funding of individuals and aid facilities which we support.


In doing so it is essential to safeguard direct, immediate and efficient aid.

We jointly plan with the individuals and the charitable organisations on the ground. Areas of application are emergency aid, medicine and health care as well as the provision of nutrition.


We all work on a voluntary basis, thus keeping administration costs low.


This is how we would like to inform you:


Transparency is self-understood. We do not wish to spare any efforts in order to give account of our activities and actions. This is how we envisage the same:


  • Regular newsletters on current activities and  appeals for funds for  projects supported
  • Up-to-date information available at all times at www.blessed-ev.org
  • Announcements, reports and supplements via the media
  • Flyers, placards and other means of information for distribution
  • We can be contacted by mail, phone or email