Honorary members

The honorary membership is conferred to a person who acquired merits for unselfish efforts, dedication, support and promotion in a very special way.

We are happy and proud to confer this honorary membership to a special man and extraordinary artist:



Without Fady Maalouf's support and that of his family, this association would not exist. His motivation and passion for this charity can be understood when you view his already turbulent life which reflects both, the sad as well as the beautiful side.


Fady Maalouf had already dealt with some hard times in his life, as well as experiencing the terrible impacts of the war in Lebanon. He is a man we admire for his great sense of humanity, positive attitude, charisma and kindness of heart, which are an example to us all.


However, Fady Maalouf’s biggest skill is to join people, no matter what age or background with his music which allows an unconcealed view into his soul…

We cannot imagine any worthier honorary member than M. Fady Maalouf. Thank you.



The honorary membership can be conferred to all members of this association who stand out due to special achievements and merits. 

Our honorary members: