Support for Nicolas

Support for Nicolas

Nicolas L. is 25 years old and lives in Lebanon. From birth he has suffered from the severe metabolic disease Glycogenosis Type 1. He was taken on many occasions to the intensive care unit of Beirut's university hospital for serious metabolic disorders, Dyspnoea and infections. Sometimes he had to stay there for months.

The following will tell you more about Nicolas' disease and its course.

Glycogenosis Type 1

Glycogenosis Type 1 is a non-curable disease, which requires e.g. a strict diet plan (constant food and medication intake every 2-3 hours). Despite all preventive measures complications can arise easily (mainly metabolic disorders and infections). This happened to Nicolas several times.

Course of disease from 2009 up to now

In May 2009 his situation worsened seriously, suffering vascular collapse, shortness of breath, fever, renal and hepatic failure and paralysis of all four extremities. Being near to death he had to be resuscitated and intubated. He was no longer able to walk, to grasp things and to speak. But Nicolas did not give up and started fighting again. After six weeks in the intensive care unit and another three weeks in the unit for internal medicine, his family were able to take him home again in July. Nevertheless he suffered from severe neurological after-effects and paralysis of both his arms and legs (quadriplegia). He could only speak a little and he was not able to take care of himself (e.g. to wash, to dress, to eat).


From his collapse in May 2009 till the present time Nicolas has made good progress - the support by Blessed e.V. was a great help.

Christmas 2009
Nicolas could not walk yet. His ability to communicate was considerably better. He was now able to speak, to read and even to write a little. Also he could wash and dress himself and eat by himself, but he still needed help.


Christmas 2010

First progress in walking arose. Nicolas was able to walk a short distance. He was able to eat by himself, too.


October 2011
Nicolas' health is fortunately now much better. His ability to communicate and to take care of himself is back again. Unfortunately his mobility is still limited. Therefore he cannot go to the university to continue the studies he had started before his collapse. He still suffers from a weakness of the lower extremities. It is exhausting for him to walk long distances and only possible with help. Therefore Nicolas needs still physiotherapy.


As well as a lot of drugs, a special diet and weekly physiotherapy Nicolas also needs psychological aid, which helps to reduce the psychical aspects of his illness.

There are monthly expenses of 965 €. This amount is made up as follows:
Drugs 366 €
Physiotherapy 444 €
Costs of laboratory 59 €
Costs of medical specialist 22 €
Special food 74 €

Nicolas' family is not able to raise this amount.

Your donation will help Nicolas to get the essential drugs, the chance to walk very well and to continue his studies.

Donation account:
Account No: 211 342 4004
Berliner Volksbank, Bank Code: 100 900 00
Reference: Help for Nicolas
IBAN: DE11 1009 0000 2113 424 004

If you would like to help Nicolas for longer periods you can become a sponsor. In this case please contact the Blessed e.V. team: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In addition to financial support, moral support is also very important to Nicolas.

A big „Thank You" to every named and unnamed sponsor
from Nicolas, his family and Blessed e. V.!